Friday, 29 May 2015

Sujai Shriram - Innovative E-Commerce Solutions

Sujai Shriram and the team at CrossView, Inc. provide businesses with innovative e-commerce solutions designed to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty over all channels of customer interaction. Customers interact with businesses in a variety of ways. They visit their stores and shop online with their mobile devices or personal computers. They call customer service with questions. If the customer is another business, they make contact with distribution centers or warehouses. All of these interactions are examples of contact using different channels. Sujai Shriram and CrossView are committed to anomni-channel commerce approach, which is, preparing brand retailers and manufacturers to satisfy customers whether they are in their store or visiting their website. 

Sujai Shriram

Sujai Shriram made a career for himself by creating innovative e-commerce solutions for his clients. He primarily works with medium to large retailers who use their online presence to interact with customers on a regular basis. Their online retail sales are as important, if not more, as their in-store sales. Therefore, Sujai and his team need to develop digital marketing strategies that ensure that all interactions between customers and his clients are positive. Each transaction between a customer and a business is an intimate interaction based on trust and positive or negative outcomes from previous interactions. The moment a single touchpoint leaves a bad impression on a customer, the brand risks losing the trust and loyalty of that customer. Sujai Shriram develops digital commerce solutions and business processes designed to keep customers satisfied and happy across all channels of contact& transaction.