Saturday, 20 June 2015

Quality in a Connected World

Quality is something more and more people are willing to pay for. Apple has demonstrated that if you can convince a group of people your product is superior, they will subscribe themselves to your brand. Certain brands have taken over whatever product they serve, to the point where people associate a brand with a product unknowingly. Since when were facial tissues called Kleenex?
This situation is good for brands, but can actually end up becoming bad for the seller. The educated consumer will go to a retail electronics store, such as Best Buy. They will walk up to the product or section of products they are interested in, and test out the items. They will compare the in-store price with any online retailer (since most will be cheaper), and they will leave the store without buying anything. 

Sujai Shriram

Following this, they will go online and find a good deal somewhere online. They will put the item in their digital shopping cart, and suddenly realize there is a charge for a refund should they request one. Instead, they will go to another site or seller, one with a free return shipping refund policy.
This is not news to most people, but it has many retailers and online sellers alike pulling their hair out. Figuratively. This has also opened the doors for companies that specialize in explaining and fixing what is happening. To a seller, they see people come and go without buying anything. Sujai Shriram is a project manager at a company that specializes in multi-channel commerce, which is the solution to this problem.