Wednesday, 13 May 2015

Sujai Shriram - Fostering Trust

In all business, trust is the most important aspect of a relationship. Trust between business partners, between clients and consultants, and between businesses and customers is the key to prosperity. Sujai Shriram, working as a project manager for the full-service, global cross-channel commerce solutions provider, CrossView, Inc., works with companies to adjust their digital marketing strategies and their customer service policies to help them build the kind of trust that leads to legions of loyal customers bringing in more revenue every day. 

Sujai Shriram, along with the rest of the team at CrossView, Inc., adheres to the principle of omni-channel commerce. This principle focuses on the consistency of customer experience at all touchpoints of brand-customer interaction. All transactions are one-on-one interactions between a customer and a brand. This interaction is fostered by trust and by the general user experience of all customers in all channels. Because of the ubiquity of online stores, customers need to feel at home both on the website they are shopping on and at the store they shop in. Sujai’s clients develop marketing strategies geared towards all of their customers’ touchpoints, ranging from those who prefer to shop for their products in the stores to customers that shop mostly online from their desktop or their phone. 

Sujai Shriram helps companies develop solutions to improve the shopping experience for their customers across all channels of customer contact. Sujai also helps his clients develop policies aimed at enhancing all shopping experiences for their customers and allowing them to build trust in their customers.
Sujai Shriram